Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend fun

We had a fun but busy usual. Looking forward to a quiet week now.
Turtle watching and Maressa-fly at the botanical gardens.

Camping on the deck.....we have one of those retractable clotheslines on our deck. Makes for fun to take old sheets, clothespins and bricks to make a tent and the kids played 'camping' for hours with their animals (topped off with real toasted marshmallows after dinner...I'm a cool

And rides, putt putt and food at hubby's company picnic. It took a while for Micah to get into it, but loved it when he did.
Bigger guys road the go karts.
The girls spent much time on this horse carriage kiddie ride...don't let the picture fool you...Maressa LOVED the rides and screamed when I took her off. And Kalla is sporting a new knit set made by mommy (tee dress and matching biker shorts)

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