Monday, June 16, 2008

XO Pillows

I made these pillows for my kids before we left for our trip. These little pillows are made out my old [college] tees. Then I stitched on X's and O's (for "hugs" and "kisses") with fun jersey knits I have in the sewing room. I gave them to the kids and told them when they went to bed they would now still have a hug and kiss from Mommy. They seemed to be pretty into it. Then we came home and they have been tossed aside as Grandma took them to Build a Bear while we were gone. ;) lol Ah well. Made me feel better anyway.

So I'm still trying to get in the groove these days. They are filled with VBS, this and that playdates, basketball camp and runs (with all FOUR) to the store. I've been in a sewing mode. But all I've finished so far are more I Spy Bags and baby towels. Almost finished a dress for Kalla.

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