Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baby Boy Shower

Just had a fun baby boy shower for a good friend of mine. No particular theme this time, just blues and greens. I made chocolate cupcakes and homemade light green buttercream icing and toothpick decorations I made with the MS stickers. And I put "It's a Boy" Hershey kisses around them (found at Walmart). Old fashioned candy sticks fill a small vase/jar for favors.
I found these REALLY cool frames at Walmart. They are plastic and come in pink, yellow, green and blue. They have tops and bottoms like Lego's and the windows are on front and back and are snow globe like (with the water and white snow stuff). For the shower, I put the name of the baby in them and gave them as part of my gift. She can use them for decorations for his room or replace them with pics.
The food was simple. Fruit and yogurt parfaits, mini quiches, mini blueberry muffins and Sister Schuberts sausage rolls...mmmmm! And a pitcher of a citrus punch and iced vanilla chai tea.

This silver platter/dish thing has been the best investment. The 3 rings are actually all attached to one base and are 3 sizes and heights. Perfect for parties. I got it at Hobby Lobby a month or so ago and I love it.

For gift I made my standard hoodie towel and included some cute stuffies I found at Target.

I have a girlfriend who just gave birth and another due any day. It's really REALLY giving me baby fever...I've never really experienced this before as for the last 7 years I've been pregnant or had an infant! So I'm going through the mourning of no more babies and it's making me crazy! I SO could go for a tiny baby boy right now! Sigh........

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