Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ahhhh much better

Yep, more painting. I'm now working on my sewing room. I just finally purchased a new sewing machine and before setting up shop, I decided to finally reorganize and decorate my little room. Hubby asked if the new paint would make me sew straighter or anything (as he was not understanding my excitement at putting color on the dreary walls). It may not do magic in my sewing, but make me happier in my own little colorful space (in case you weren't sure, the new color is the teal). I'm actually painting the room in the colors of old ancient sewing machine.

It will be a while before final picture posting of the whole room. Most of my stuff is crammed in the dining room right now and I've not even been able to take my new machine out of her box. I have a table to paint and an old stool to makeover. Oh and the ugly brown cabinets with many coats of crisp white.

On another note, my oldest went to school today. 1st grade. First time in 'big boy' school as he went to a private half day kindergarten last year. I didn't cry, but came close. I feel nauseous though. Nervously waiting til 2:30. Trying to work this pick up in our schedule too with it being in the middle of little ones naps. Sigh.....he will love it, he will love school, I know he will. I will learn to like it I guess....

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