Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's gonna be a Lego birthday party

It's almost that time! My oldest will be another year older in less than 2 weeks! This year we are doing a Lego theme!

I made these custom invitations myself. First I took a large flat green Lego piece and color copied it onto white card stock. Cut that out around the edges. I made the center part on the computer using a publisher program. I swiped the logo of the internet and found this site that you can build yourself into a Lego character (not all the parts are too wholesome, so I would NOT advise letting your child play on there).

**Edited 9/23/09 I just checked to see if the above link still worked and it's changed and they have made a 'kid safe' version now. Here is the link to that.

Anyway, I made a Zachary type one with balloons and copied and pasted it into my document. Thought it turned out pretty cute!
Here are some cute party favors I found on eBay. These cool pens and some Lego shaped fruit snacks found at the grocery store.
And I found these wonderful 3-D cupcake toothpicks on eBay as well. I didn't feel like hassling with making a Lego shaped cake and the birthday boy has requested a tower of rice krispie treats and push pops anyway. I'll use these to decorate the rice krispie treats.

I found more great ideas here. We will have a timed tallest tower building contest and a make your own design contest where they will also take home their creation as part of the party favors. I got a bunch of misc used bulk Legos on eBay as well for this part.

Will have bunch more pictures in a couple of weeks!

*edited to add: you can see pictures of the actual party here.


Anonymous said...

Cute Ideas! Found your blog while googling Lego Birthday Parties! I want to do a similar theme for my son's 8th birthday this weekend

Anonymous said...

would love to see your rice krispie tower! just did a lego party at our's the cake

Deanna said...

pictures of the actual party (and rice krispies can be found here:
it's just a pile of them really with the lego toothpicks inserted in them. :)

Deborah Loriau said...
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Deborah Loriau said...

Lego parties are so popular. I did one for my 7 yr old last year and we've gone to 2 more since. One thing mom's may want to search on is companies that actually host Lego parties. I was able to hire a company that showed up with thousands of Lego's and a special project for the boys to work on in teams and build. I gave them an hour but the boys could have easily built for the whole party.

One other item I found on ebay was a Lego ice cube tray. I froze cranberry and grape juice and the served the boys lemonaide. The could see their Legos floating and they were a BIG hit. The boys wanted to just eat the cubes...they keep asking me for more.

Now on to the brainstorming for the party next year LOL

Deborah Loriau


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