Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A little sewing room organization

I saw a useful tip in a magazine a while back to organize sewing machine needles between projects by type. It suggested putting them in a coordinating pin cushion. So I made simple little pincushions for my different types of needles. A cotton fabric one, knit one and denim one. If you are a cutesie pincushion type of person check out these free patterns:

Heather Bailey's square cushion

Some cute random pincushions

And I finally organized (well started) my patterns. I got some super huge binders and sheet protectors and stuffed my patterns in those.
One day I'll get around to categorizing them by type in the binders. ;)


Melissa said...

I have a question. I'm kinda new to sewing and have problems with patterns. If i cut the pattern for a certain size 1 how do i save the pattern and 2 what if i want to make a larger size later? Does that make sense? it's midnight and i really should be in bed! lol :)love the binder idea for your patterns!

Deanna said...

Melissa, I never cut out my pattern sizes. You can either trace them stright onto your fabric with trcing papers and wheel (found in the notions section of your fabric store...be sure to test the paper to make sure it will wash out of your fabric). Or you can use freezer paper to trace out your pattern and then you will have a durable copy of your pattern size plus the freezer paper cn be ironed on your fabric then peeled off after you cut it out. :)

Anonymous said...

We use gallon zip lock bags to store patterns. Duck tape one end and three hole punch it. No way of them falling out.


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