Monday, October 27, 2008

Last minute Halloween

Get your last minute Halloween goodies here!

A very sweet original Halloween picture at Inside a Black Apple. I am saving it to my hard drive for next year when I plan to have an adult Halloween type party.

Check out these cute cake pops at Bakerella.

Costume help and fun decorations to make with the kids at Crafty Crow.

And a very cute online paper doll game here. Dress her in different costumes.

And make some cute spider snacks with the kids like the ones here (I think we will make some to eat while we watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown tomorrow night). **this one was added in an edit this morning

As for me, I'm on the mends. I managed to finish my niece's costume and get it in the mail. But oh my word!!! The angst! She is going as Princess Peach and I made the dress. A long 12 yr old size pink satin dress using this pattern. I used the blue dress version. Sewing the satin was ugh! It would have helped if I had thought to serge the edges I was gathering so it didn't shred to pieces in my hand. And the corset style belt I ended up having to iron the satin to the interfacing to keep it from moving all over the place. I do not swear, but it was tempting while sewing this thing! But I love my niece and she'll look beautiful in it. I won't mention how much candy was taken from the above picture during the process. ;) I however did tell Kalla I would not be able to make her Shortcake costume this year. She said ok mama, I'll just be Cinderella (we already have the dress). Good girl. Now hopefully she won't change her mind. :)


Heather said...

so many great ideas! thanks for sharing them.

Deanna said...

Hello Deanna!!

you may not remember me but I was a "Bella" on ebay when you were in the group as well!

I'm the other Deanna!

As I was Blog hopping I clinked on your blog and when I saw your oldest daughter I thought.....I know her...she looks so familar!!

Anyway....just wanted to say hi and looks like you have a beautiful family! Take care


YayaOrchid said...

Deanna, sounds like you've been really busy. Yep, it's that time of year again. Can't seem to find enough hours in the day, though!
Thank you for sharing your ideas and pictures!

Deanna said...

Deanna~ Hey! I do remember being in the group with you! It seems the group fell apart when we joined! lol It was really weird to see your name on a comment in my email...I thought, there I go again...talking to myself. lol So glad you said hi! Are you still selling on ebay?

Deanna said...

i gave up ebay!! i found i was sewing for other children more then my own and it just wasn't working for me anymore....i had joined another group for awhile because i missed the friendships that where made but at one point it just got to be too much that took me away from my family.... i would like to say that i miss it but i'm not sure i'd be telling the truth if i said that!

i gave etsy a try....but to be completely honest, i think there are more sellers on that site then buyers....

so for now i'm getting back into my quilting again... something that ebay kept me from doing.....and making lots more for aubrey....

i've been in search of a quilting group or crafting group to join .... it was alway fun in our ebay group to bounce ideas off of each other and such....

good talking to ya! take care and happy sewing!!



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