Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Getting things done and gifty stuff

Got a few gifts done. We exchanged gifts at Thanksgiving with my family. This is where I make an exception to the no wrapping rule I have. For Christmas I love fun colorful wrapping papers and cheap wired ribbon. This year instead of labels I bought a package of red chipboard letters from the scrapbook section of the craft store. I tied the recipient's initial to the gift. For my nephews (it's real hard to see in this pic, but on the snowman gift) I strung star beads, red pony beads and a letter bead on curling ribbon for their gifts. I love how these all can be tied to their tree after opening their gift.

So here's what I gave: To my niece and nephews, I personalized these lunchbox tins with scrapbook stickers. Inside is a bunch of small crafty goodies....gel pens, homemade stickers, a tiny hinge book I made and some wooden people to paint. I'll try to make another hinge book with instructions soon for those interested.

For one of my sisters, I made these goodies...key fob, tissue holder and zipper pouch. I took pics of the making of the tissue holder and pouch...instructions to come (and I'll do the 'fold over' technique I spoke about on my quilt, since requested. :)

These small pillow were for my sis too...she gave me these pieces of fabric YEARS ago and asked me to make them pillows. The front fabric was drawn by her daughter at age 5 I believe and the cross stitch my grandma made a long time ago. So finally got those done for her too.

And one of my toughest yearly holiday projects. A couple of weeks ago I got my Christmas card pic done. For the first time ever I got the kids new Christmas jammies (at Target...as much as I wanted these, I could not justify forking out $160 for pjs). The baby would not put down the train, and that was ok. At least I got all smiles. :)

AND I'm done shopping! I ordered Kalla's Bitty Baby (her 'big' gift)yesterday and other than making my photo calendars I do every year for family, I'm done with gifts...well buying them, not making them.

I'm making some sleepers, bibs and sling for Kalla's doll. MIL a purse. Micah a playmat quilt. The 4 of them an apron. And our baby niece a softie and blocks. THEN I'll really be done! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow - you're ready for the festive season! I'm just getting over Thanksgiving - onwards and upwards.

YayaOrchid said...

Deanna, I'm certain EVERYONE will love their gifts! I especially really like the pillows, and specifically the hand painted fabric one. Tha is a terrific idea!
You are ahead of me by leaps and bounds. I'm barely trying to finish SOME of my gifts. Thank you for sharing your projects. It really is inspiring.

carrie said...

Those are fantastic. I'm so jealous that you are done!

Beth said...

Where did you find the white lunchboxes? I would love to make craft boxes like that. Very cool gifts you made. I'm starting mine as soon as I finish reading everyone's blogs...Beth

Deanna said...

Thanks guys!

Beth, I got the lunch boxes from my second home, Hobby Lobby. :)


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