Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh the fun we've had...mostly

December held many things for us at the year end. Kinda sums up our year too.

The SICKIES... Most everyone got a mild stomach 'thing'. Kalla seemed to feel the worst at one point.

Z man got his fever for Christmas. Here he's resting/sleeping in a box. lol
(This giant tv box was being thrown out by the neighbors and I took it for the kids to play in).

Grandma even got in on the fun.

Our 2 dogs... I mean boys.

Not real sure why she did this every time I was taking a picture at this time. We were amused though!

More serious Dr Maressa on duty now. Kalla thought it quite funny when I called her Ms. Magoo.

The MUSIC...
Inspired by all the Peanuts specials on this time of year, Matt found the Linus and Lucy sheet music online and was determined to master this difficult song. We heard it alot. :)

The GOODS...
It was a Disney Cars Christmas for one little boy.

There were Build a Bear accessories.

And slippers.

And pjs.




The Woodalls said...

Looks like you all had a great Christmas! So sorry for the illnesses! Hope you have a GREAT 2009!!! We have GOT to get together! :)


P.S. I've enjoyed at least reading about your crafts and recipes, even though I've yet to attempt a single one!

Deanna said...

Yes, maybe I'll drag my clan to your house soon and invade you guys...though you now outnumber us. ;) Can't wait to meet your precious #5!

YayaOrchid said...

Deanna, you have such a lovely family! Everyone looks so happy and in true Holiday form.

P.S. I had to let you know you've been 'tagged'. Pls visit my blog for details.

. said...

Happy New Year to you all. Sorry you've been inflicted with the poorly sicks. LOL @ the box though - what is it about them that makes it so appealing?



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