Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Snicker Salad~Take it to your next potluck!

Or is it potato salad???? This is a fun one to take to potlucks and it gets rave reviews. This recipe is from my hubby's aunt. Apparently it's a staple at Thanksgiving where I had it first many years ago. I still get calls from people at my old church who I haven't seen in years to get this recipe because I took it a lot to potlucks. The fun part is people mostly skip it thinking it's potato salad. Til one person tries it and tells others what it really is then it disappears real fast!

So here's the lowdown:

5 golden delicious apples chopped to bite size
5 snicker bars chopped to bite size
1 tub whipped topping (let it thaw completely)
1/3 package of small box of instant french vanilla pudding

Mix pudding mix with topping. Add apples and snicker bar pieces and toss. Make this salad the day you are eating it as it doesn't keep.

Yep folks, it doesn't get much better than chocolate and apples and you even get to call it a salad!! Enjoy! Yum!

On the crafting/sewing front I'm kinda bummed. I broke my serger ~again!~ (I'm too embarrassed to say how...a whole week after I got it back from repair..UGH!) and it's taking a LONG time to get fixed this time and I kinda need it pretty bad to finish up some projects. I'm using my overcast stitch on my sewing machine, but it's just not the same. And now I just found out that a sewing transfer sheet I used to mark button holes on some little man shirts I've been asked to make for a wedding (this Sat!!!!) doesn't wash out. I thought that was the whole point. :( So now I've got to somehow replace just that part without deconstructing the whole shirts. SO. That's where I've been off to.

On a brighter note, here's what I've got coming up: pattern review for those shirts (I used the Weekend Sewing book Kai shirt pattern), tdress tutorial, 3-D flower applique tutorial, Mother's day gifts and to celebrate all my new friends, I want to do another give away when I hit the 50 followers mark. :) So stay tuned!

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Heather said...

you are an inspiration. how many hours do you sleep? I'm looking forward to all your new little goodies and wanted to let you know that your shop looks great!


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