Thursday, May 14, 2009

Making a Toad House

A couple of weeks ago, Zachary made this toad house at cub scouts. It was a fun project that all the boys loved. First they painted a terracotta pot in camouflage colors. When they dried and we took them home, you then dig a small hole in your yard and put the pot in the ground on it's side. You put a leaf in it and a small shallow plastic dish close by with water. It should attract toads. This project was from the book Wildlife Gardening. It had many many kid type projects for making habitats for all sorts of creatures that are beneficial to gardens. I want to get this book soon and do some with the kids this summer. Next we are making the ladybug habitat with a 2-liter bottle and some corrugated cardboard. :)

Speaking of things to do this summer. I would love to hear your creative ideas on how to entertain the kiddos in the summer (esp when it's really hot all the time). Now that my kids are getting a little older, and enjoy/are used to the routine of school and all the activities involved, I want to be prepared to keep them from getting bored/killing each other. So I'm brainstorming now. Some givens are the children's museum which we have membership and the play water fountain outside, Chickfila play breakfasts (when the play area is empty and before it gets too hot), going to the duck pond downtown with an aresenal of stale bread and the library.
So what are your plans/projects for the summer (aside from the pool--we don't have a membership--I'm not ready to take 4 little ones by myself esp since none of them can swim yet--we're working on that)? Just day to day ideas if you have any! Thanks! Oh and I'm talking about 7/5/4/2 year olds. :)

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Unknown said...

Thanks for telling me about that book! I've already ordered it. My kids stay occupied outside with water - in buckets, used with a tea set, mixed with sand, etc.


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