Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Teacher Gifts done!

We've finished and given out all our teacher's gifts now. The above is for my 2 middle kid's preschool teachers. We did mini stamped cubes and notepad covers as mentioned in this post. I let Kalla draw a picture of her and her teacher on the outside of the covers and she wrote a note on the top page of the pad. Micah stamped his covers and cubes.

We put all the gifts in gift bags and included these homemade chocolate candy apple molds. I found the molds at a local candy/cake decorating shop. They are flavored almond and super yummy (if you flavor your chocolate be sure to use the oil based flavors and use just a teeny tiny bit!)

Next year I want to make one of these personalized initial hand sanitizer. I love the way these look and practical too!


Kristin said...

Very cute! Thanks for the link to the papercrafts site too....very cool stuff!

Peggy said...

Such creative and surely welcomed gifts! I bet your childrens' teachers look forward to having them in their classes! I know L's Sunday School teachers did at Christmas time for T's fudge. One teacher in September actually said, "Oh boy! L's in my class this year!"

Deanna said...

Kristin, I know, isn't there lots of cute stuff there? :)

Peggy, thanks! It's nice to have a reputation huh? :)


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