Monday, May 18, 2009

Swinging into Spring

It's been a long spring here in the deep south. Normally we go from high in 50's in early March straight to upper 80's/90's. Instead this year we have had so much rain! and many 'cold fronts'. Right now it's a whole 57F outside and windy (but sunny at least)!
In between all the rain we've spent time getting in some fun warm weather activities in.LOVE this seesaw rocker from HearthSong. Perfect for rocking action from 1 to 3 kids! It was a grandma gift for one of the kids one year.
And trips to Brewster's for ice cream.
And picking 'beautiful flowers'. I love this picture of my sweet girl in all her 5 year old glory. :)
And we've spent a lot of time at the ballpark!

Bringing along our favorite toys of course.

Today however, is blah. We are less one Daddy (business trip), sweet K is sick with fever for the 4th day. And I have an impending deadline for a bridesmaid dress I've been asked to make. We have baseball this evening...and edited here of previously posted I'm looking for someone to take Z man to his game. Poor Kalla has now spiked to 104.5 and feels really terrible. We have a doc appt at 3:30. Please pray we don't have the flu.........

On a brighter note, my 2 and 3 yera old just cleaned the playroom all by themselves of their own idea!


Erin said...

Good job on the younger ones cleaning their rooms. Hope the flu hasn't come to visit. To make your children smile, did you know hamsters like dandelions? My daughter has been cheerfully pulling them from neighborhood lawns to feed to her hamster - who knew hamsters liked flowers?

Deanna said...

Thanks! I have no idea what got into Micah to have him and little M clean up. Course that mostly meant they put all the toys on the sofa and chair, but I was touched all the same and they wre very proud. Kalla's fever has gone down for the moment and been looked over by a ped. Will do blood tests tomorrow if no improvement. Z got a ride with the neighbor boys to baseball.

Oh and we used to have rabbits. Dandelions was their favorite treat ever! :)


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