Friday, May 22, 2009

Just Because

Well, I feel I barely survived this week! But I managed to make some rice krispie treats to console my stressed self. Not a great idea on my part. ;)

But all is back to normal (if you call it that). K has bounced back, hubby is home and that dress is just about done. I am really really struggling putting in the zipper. This dress has a full lining and piping across the middle. I can't get it in straight or without some puckering (mind you I've never done this before) so I've called in some reinforcements to help. Should get done this afternoon.

Z has half day of school today and we are going to the awards ceremony where he should get 2 awards, one for reading 100+ books in the Reading Olympics and one for straight A's.

We have a pretty unscheduled weekend ahead (aside from daddy taking K on a date tonight and a cub scout hike tomorrow if it doesn't rain) and I hope to get hubby to help me with some house projects. We leave for Costa Rica a week from today! So I need to get the house ship shape for MIL who will be staying here with the kids. :)

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!

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