Monday, May 4, 2009

Things to do when you are stuck inside avoiding the flu!

Ok, so we have cases of swine flu in our area. Little kids at that. So Wed night we receive a call that the schools were all closed Thurs and Fri. And guess what. Everything kid related was closed. No ball games, no music, museums closed, libraries closed, etc etc. Thursday was nice and the kids played outside. Friday, the flood rains came. And Daddy is working long hours and the weekend. So one tired mommy and four stir crazy kids and lots and lots of rain.

So, here's what we came up with so no one got hurt. ;)

To avoid cabin fever we went to a local coffee house in between the severe storms. Smoothie and muffin was shared among the kids. Books were read and some checkers were played.

Then we came home.
And built a giant fort (Micah kept us amused calling it a 'pork'...guess it kinda fit our situation at the time though!).

After we played in that a while, the girls totally wrecked it (and wreckage still sits in the front living room as I type). Then we played hide n seek. Love this game with the kids. I can load the dishwasher or fold laundry when it's my turn to count and nothing like a little quiet time for mommy while hiding in my 'super hard spots' then scaring them when they get close.

Saturday we played some legos.
Then we turned the kiddie music up loud and danced.
Then made our own pizzas for lunch...they are pretty boring with that though as they only like cheese on them.

After naps (3 of mine still nap regularly, yes I's totally awesome!) we crafted some of our teacher's gifts. And worked on the Mother's day books.

That night Daddy was home and I took Micah to a friend's bday party while the others were couch potatoes watching the Derby and some Nascar. (The Derby was for Kalla and Nascar on for the boys).

Then Sunday Zachary had a thing at church and a friend brought him home who stayed to play some Wii and indoor basketball.

We survived. They are back to school today...for now at least. And the sun found it's way back. And there's baseball tonight. Holding my breath to just get the next 3 weeks done and then summer break!

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