Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Three more skirts for K

I was able to get on my sewing machine and make a few more sets for Kalla these last couple of weeks. I have really made out at the clearance section/end of remnants at Hobby Lobby (I check the bin each time I go in). I got the above polka dot fabric the other day half off. It was enough to make a simple skirt (just one strip, about 43" wide with bias trim hem) for her that matches this army green shirt she already had. I added a few pink buttons to the shirt to girl it up a bit and now she has a cute outfit. Her favorite thing to wear this summer has been the skirts and tee sets I make her.

And I made this top and twirly skirt from Hobby Lobby remnants. I had the skirt's pink fabric for a long time and cut to sew, and the other day I got this black print and realized they coordinated so I made a top with it...more on the top in another post about altering patterns and fixing fitting issues soon.

And this twirly skirt in a patchwork fabric I scooped up early in the season (if I ever find bolts of patchwork I always get some...love when the fabric companies have taken some work from me!) and a bright orange tee with applique flower with button centers.

Next is this gorgeous fabric from Heather Ross' Far, Far Away line. Wow. I never spend this kind of money on fabric, but when I saw the unicorns I just had to get it for K. She LOVES LOVES unicorns. So I'm making her a set for her for a birthday gift.

Now I need to make a few simple skirts for littlest miss miss. And some shorts. I have yet to find shorts in the stores for my 2 year old (at least not any that have long enough inseam that when she sits her diaper doesn't hang out). Both the girls mostly wear skirts with knit bike shorts (we have white and pink bought years ago when Kalla stopped wearing diapers and needed something to go over her panties under her dresses and skirts) underneath and tees to play in for the summer. Pretty nice too that they can wear it to church as well. ;)


zakkalife said...

I really like the patchwork skirt, lovely shades of green. And I love the Heather Ross fabric below it. I'm sure that set will be just as lovely.

Deanna said...

Thanks! The patchwork had me sold with the shades of green and pinks and some orange thrown in too. :)


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