Monday, July 13, 2009

Bye Bye Crib, Hello big girl

Littlest Miss at almost 2.5 years old is done with the crib. She is finally sleeping consistently in her 'big girl' bed on the bottom bunk. I'm not sure who was more sad at me taking down that crib last night, me or her. Though she hadn't been sleeping in it, she didn't take it well. This is the first time in over 7 years (when we purchased it and put it together) that this thing has been in pieces.

The cool part is that the girls now have so much more room in their room and it's finally coming together like I've wanted. Will post pics of their completed shabby chic princess room in a few days when I'm done with a couple more projects. I think the dress up/dance mirror made it up to Maressa and she's forgotten about her crib (though was so excited last night about it she had a hard time winding down to sleep).

1 comment:

Fawn said...

Congratulations! And condolences... I'm mentally preparing myself to switch my twin 2.5 year old boys to their big boy beds... a little happy, a little sad.


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