Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Johnny Appleseed Weepuls

Micah's preschool class is having a Johnny Appleseed party tomorrow and I decided to make a little something for each of the kids. Totally inspired by Zakka Life's weepul craft I made these little apple pom pom weepuls.

You just need a few things to make these little apples. Red pom poms, scraps of green felt, googly eyes, brown pipe cleaners and stiff black felt.

Use the template for the feet on the aforementioned post. I used a ball point pen to trace on my black felt, it's hard to see, but in good light you can see where to cut. Then I used a 2" piece of chenille pipe cleaner and folded in half and twisted to make stem. Scrap of green felt for leaf. Glue all pieces on with craft glue. Glue eyes last. :)

Micah is very excited to hand these out to his friends tomorrow.
Happy Johnny Appleseed day!


Dena said...

These are so cute. I'm sure the children will be thrilled to get them.

Ashlee said...

These are precious. I bet the kids will love them!


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