Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boys can sew too!

Zachary (8 years) wanted to make a bed and pillow for his new Snoopy. I decided to encourage and show him how to sew one. After all Kalla was learning to use my machine. So we picked out some fabric I had on hand and I cut it out for him and sat him at my machine to sew it. He really enjoyed what he had once labeled a 'girly activity'. So much that when Kalla had finished drawing a tote for Maressa and didn't 'feel' like sewing it, he asked if he could sew it. :) It's nice to start empowering the kids to do things for themselves instead of asking me to make them stuff all the time.

Oh then he fashioned a bed to put the mattress on from a shoe box in the kids recycling craft box. I have no idea where his Snoopy is at this time so it appears that Woodstock is keeping it warm for him. :)

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Heather said...

My mother would be hugging and kissing you!


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