Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Play kitchen makeover

Sort of. We got this kitchen (the stove and sink were originally sold/made separate, no corner unit at that time and we didn't get the fridge) for the kids several years ago. I wanted wood, but inexpensive...also wanted one that was NOT pink. Anyway, I have to admit the gift was kinda a flop. They never really played with it. However, since I still have a couple of little ones in the house I've been reluctant to get rid of it.

Once I painted and redid my dining room (that is over sized because it used to be the kitchen before the previous owners put on an addition) I decided to spruce up the little kitchen area.

And I had this old thing in the garage ready to be given away. Then it dawned on me that it would be fabulous for storage and play area (aka a 'counter') for the kitchen.

So I painted it dark brown to match my table and chairs and the kids table. Added the cool Target Orla Kiely placemat I got from Goodwill and some fun orange buckets from Big Lots to store food stuff in and recycled some soup cans for the spatulas, whisks and whatnot. And an old phone for making calls to their friends.

Above the kitchen I hung my old Coke crate I bought at an antique store many years ago and displayed their teapot set.

It's amazing, but these simple, 'real' touches with the added room for making dishes has made quite a difference. Especially with the littlest 2. Maressa especially likes making her stuffed animals and babies food. :) Not to mention it now looks kinda nice in my dining room. I plan to make some dish towels and oven mitts to put on hooks by the kitchen soon.

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