Thursday, November 12, 2009

Photograph Art

A while back while flipping through a magazine I saw a picture similar to this on a table. I think it was 5x7 size. I filed it in my brain as something I'd like to do. I really like the fun way it turned out for art for my bedroom.

So here's how I did it. I got these 12x12 frames from Hobby Lobby (waiting patiently for their 50% off sale). The tricky part was finding good pics of the kids to use. For it to look the best you need a full body shot of them so you can cut all the way around. Once I found pics I wanted to use, I used a picture editing program to make them B&W.
Then I printed them up 4x6 and cut out around the picture of my kid. I used 12x12 scrapping paper and used glue dots to secure them on top of the paper. Then frame! That's it!

I then made a collection on the wall in my bedroom (minus Micah...I need to take a full body pic of him because I don't have any). You can do this with group pics as well and it would make a fun gift!


Realmarce said...

Love it! great idea

Brenda said...

Deanna, I love those! Don't be surprised to see those going up in my house soon... since I only have three kids, I might put our whole family in the 4th one, since I like the way the four of those look together!

Anonymous said...

Cute! You should enter this in my tutorial contest. :)


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