Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shrinky Dink Ornaments and a list of other handmade ornaments

I am ahead of the game this season...thus far. Every year I try to have each kid make a homemade ornament. Last year we never finished them (sometimes my ideas sound better/simple than they actually turn out and sometimes they get abandoned). So this year I had the bright idea to do some shrinky dinks for our ornaments. But lo and behold, this easy project still didn't go tear free (there is no erasing on shrinky least not the outline you do in permanent marker). When it was all said and done the 2 older ones got an adorable ornament out of it (the younger 2 can't really draw and I plan to revisit the mommy-draw-a-picture-they-color for them when I'm feeling especially patient). And where else can you find an ornament with a holiday decked out unicorn in snow?? lol Gotta love it!
To make these simple ornaments, get some shrinky dink paper. I cut each sheet in half and told the kids to draw a picture filling most of the space with a sharpie. Then they colored it. I cut off unfilled edges and rounded the corners and punched a hole in the top. Follow shrinky dink directions to shrink in the oven. Let cool completely and tie a string to hang.
Here are a few other kid or mommy homemade ornament ideas:
LOVE this simple round felt 3D ornament
And I've got a few more of my own ideas to be shared soon!!


kim said...

Great idea! We usually pick out an ornament each year for each of the kids, but it would be fun to have them make them now that they are a little older.

Deanna said...

I have been saving the #6 plastic and punched it into large squares (I rounded the corners using a punch and punched hanging holes, too). I had the kids write thier full names and December 2009 on them. We will shrink them when we have a few more.

They come out like tiny charms. I use jump rings and attach them to ornaments- storebought, gifts or homemade.

It started to designate which ornament "belonged" to whom but it is neat to see handwriing from years past, too.

Beth said...

Thanks for the great idea! I tried it out with my kids today and had them make the nativity scene. I'm going to do it with 20 Sunday School children in December.


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