Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coconut Pineapple Loaf

I was asked to contribute some quick bread loaves for a little send off breakfast for some missionaries at our church this past week.  I wanted to try something different than just banana bread, so of course I turned to the MS site for recipes.  This one did not disappoint!  I followed this recipe here exactly, except I sliced all my pineapple chunks in half.  Also for me this made 2 loaves with one recipe...which was to take and one to keep all to myself at home!  ;)


Christy Killoran said...

This sounds so good.

denise said...

So what you are saying is that you held out from the missionaries. I think all the loaves multiplied in biblical portions since we had so much left over. It was great for us to see everyone that way! Thanks.

Deanna said...

lol Denise! You caught me! I did bring 2 other loaves of strawberry banana bread too. I was mostly happy that this recipe made 2 because ya know never having it before I had to taste it to make sure it was edible!! ;) We're going to sorely miss you guys!


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