Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Doll Love

Kalla got an American Girl doll for Christmas.  I was a little hesitant on getting her one, namely because of the price and wasn't sure if she truly would love her.  She got a Bitty Baby last year and hardly touches it.  Another problem, was the cost of the doll alone is about how much I aim at spending total on each kid at Christmas, but I still want them to have the same number of gifts to open.  But things came together.  I was making her the wooden dolls already, and the above desk and chair set was given to me by a friend who got them free at a garage sale.  And then I made a few 'starter' accessories to go with her doll.  Kalla is in kindergarten and they use a reading system that starts with 'letter books' which K adores.  So I made her doll some tiny letter books of her own with card stock.  Inside I put stickers of pictures of things starting with said letter.

I also made a tiny backpack.  Here is a great tutorial for these type drawstring backpacks, and I just cut the fabric much smaller.  I used these measurements: 14.5"x7".  And instead of grommets I sewed a small ribbon lope into the bottom corner hem.

She loves this doll so much!  Worth every penny!  She takes her everywhere.  For the holidays we went to see my mom and sister who has 3 kids.  Kalla's cousin Elizabeth is 13 and used to love AG dolls as well.  So she was so sweet and got out all her stuff in storage and played and played with her.  They made stuff for the dolls as well.  Kalla brought home the paper cookies they made for the dolls to keep.

Now to make the doll some clothes I just ordered AG sized doll clothes patterns on eBay and we are first going to make some pjs.  We have the fabric picked out.  Now I just need to cut it out and we are going to sew them together.  She is also anxious to make the little camp fire craft in the book that came with her and we will make a sleeping bag as well.  So there will be plenty of crafting for her doll to come this year and I will post them all here!  ;)

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The Woodalls said...

I think you are loving that doll as much as Kalla! :)


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