Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Super simple Cupcake necklace and bracelet

Simple softie cupcake pendant makes for a sweet necklace.  :)  Scroll down for a quick how-to to make your own.  Wanna win one?  Check back here Monday for a coming up SWEET! giveaway!

Cute as a button (and yummy too!) bracelet!  Scroll down further for how-to.  Check back here Monday for a chance to win one in my SWEET! giveaway!  Speaking of sweet...it's not wrong to eat the chocolate from the kid's stockings if they haven't eaten it yet right? I'm chowing down on some chocolate coins right now.  ;)  I mean it's almost been a month!

Ok, say you aren't the winner of said giveaway and your 3 year old would just love one of these necklaces, here's how you make your own!  To start I cut out the top and bottom pieces of my cupcake.  Because my fingers don't really work well in miniature...especially slippery patterns, I just cut it out free hand.  Cut 2 cupcake/frosting tops and 2 bottoms.  Just whittle away til you are satisfied with your cupcake pieces.  Then you are going to want to slightly layer the cupcake top over the bottom and use a few tiny stitches with embroidery thread to hold them together nicely.  Do this to both sides.  Now make a few stitches in the frosting part to resemble sprinkles.  Now use embroidery thread to stitch together the frosting tops.  I made my embroidery thread down to 3 thread count by removing the other 3 threads then I used a blanket stitch all along the pink part.  Then I did the same with red thread along 2 sides of the cupcake bottom leaving one side open.  Then using a wood stick (used to turn tubes) to insert tiny amounts of stuffing into the cupcake til slightly plump.  Then I stitched the last side together.

Then I threaded this thin bead/necklace cord onto a large embroidery needle and threaded it through the top of the cupcake.  Do not try to thread it through the felt, but in between the  blanket stitches on top.  The cord will be then sandwiched in between the felt sides.  It will slide easily at this point.  I then added a few beads and tied it in a knot at the ends at a length that Miss-Change-Her-Mind-Every-2 seconds can take it off and on over her head.

And she loved it and had to wear it right that instant!  :)

Now for the cuppy cake button bracelet.  Remember those links I gave you on Friday?  Right.  I used this one and sure enough made shrinky dinks with them.  Except I took it a step further and punched holes in them to make buttons.  And what do I do with super cute buttons?  I make bracelets of course!  The above picture is how mine  looked after using a regular hole punch and putting a hole on each side of the cupcake and before they were baked.

It took a little while to get all those holes punched but I made a whole page's worth.  Note that if you use a regular hole punch the shrinky dink circles get a little stuck on it and you have to wiggle them off.  Not a biggie, but slows ya down some.  I bake my shrinky dinks on brown paper bags as recommended on package and these tiny bad boys took only 3 mins (or less).

Let cool completely before moving. *Important step:  spray them with clear acrylic spray to seal the images...otherwise if they get wet, they smear and come off!  Let dry completely.

 Then you have all these precious little buttons.  You could have lots of fun with them with all kinds of different ideas.  To make a bracelet you need some stretchy bracelet elastic.  This stuff is strong and ties into tiny little knots that kind of disappear.

I made this a double sided bracelet so you don't have to fool with twisting and turning and not seeing the adorable little cupcakes.  To do this, take your first button and thread the elastic DOWN the left hole.  Now flip it over and take another button and thread the elastic DOWN the left hole and straight into the back of the  first button in it's right hole.  Flip over and repeat all along bracelet.  See the end of the bracelet...that elastic coming up will now go down into the next button's left hole and into the bottom button's right hole.

For Maressa's toddler sized bracelet I used a total of 28 buttons.  When you get to the end, take your first button and pull the elastic out of the left hole and connect it with the end button using the elastic on the end part and tie securely in a knot.

Now make your cupcake smile when you give it to her!


Jenna said...

oh my goodness! Those bracelets are ADORABLE!!! :D

CraftCrave said...

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