Friday, January 29, 2010

Winner of Cupcake Prize

Thank you so much to all who entered!!  I was really happy that it was so many folks who were already followers, because I really do the giveaways for my readers (though wish ya'll were a little more talkative ;)  I'm a really social person and enjoy interaction with people in all kinds of ways.    :)

So I used a random number generator thingy and the winner is Misty!  :)  So Misty, email me your addy and I'll get it in the mail!  :)

Well, I was going to post something crafty today to, but kids are out of school early and it's yucky outside and my bathrooms really need some attention!  So enjoy you're weekend and next week I will share the fun crafting I've done with my oldest daughter and other fun stuff!!


Brenda said...

Just wanted to say hi since you said you wished your readers were more chatty. You can count on me. :-) I love your blog- even if some of the projects are way beyond my scope of ability... I still like to look at them! :-) And I do try the occasional project. I still have a couple in mind, actually, that I want to try.

Hope you are doing well today with kids at home early!


Misty @Creative Itch said...

Yay!! I don't win very often, and this is one prize I wanted BADLY!! Thank you!!


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