Monday, February 1, 2010

Beary Fun Stuff

Last week, at Micah's preschool we had a bear/Pooh party to celebrate A. A. Milne's birthday and it was also 'B' week as well.  So all the kids dressed in bear colors and we had a Bear party.  I made these fun bear sandwiches.  To make I simply cut the crust off the sandwich bread and rolled it flat with a rolling pin.  Then I put either pb&j or ham and cheese then cut with a bear shaped cookie cutter.  With my small cookie cutter I was able to get 2 bears out of each sandwich.  Then the fun part is I bought some edible writers and made faces on each bear.  They were a big hit.  Other parents brought berries and honey and of course there were Teddy Grahams.

We also had a bear craft which I brought.  After thinking of what to do for a few days I remembered this lizard craft that Z did and how the original toy like this was a bear (I had one as a kid).  I thought it would be fun for the kids to make then get to play with at home.

To make these I used a my giant bear cookie cutter and traced the image onto poster board (if not making these in bulk, you can use an empty cereal box like we usually would do).  I cut out all the bears and cut pieces of straws to the length to hide behind each arm.  The red yarn was cut about 3 ft long.  I gave the bears to each kid and let them color them how they saw fit.  Then I brought adhesive googly eyes for fun.

 Once they decorated their bear how they wanted, we flipped it over to tape the straws and penny to the back as pictured above.  I put pieces of tape rolled onto the ends of the yarn to help make it easier to push through the straws.  The yarn ends both need to go in the top of the straw and out the bottom for this to work.  Then we tied beads to the ends to keep the yarn from slipping out.

Then hang your bear and watch him climb!

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Lee Ann said...

oh I love this idea! Think I may have a bear day with the kids! they would love it x


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