Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Give your Valentine some Spicy Chocolate!

Ok, if you are like me the idea of eating spicy chocolate is not appetizing, but I swear this is SO good!  I would have never tried it, had my MIL not brought some over Christmas.  It was actually quite addicting.  I like some spice in my food, but not to the same measure as my I-have-to-be-on-fire-to enjoy-food hubby!!  But this spicy chocolate thing did have me curious!

Also, to me this is healthy chocolate!  I mean you have dark chocolate with spice that clears the sinuses and healthy nuts on top!  This really doesn't have any spice flavor, but more of a chocolate with a kick that warms up your mouth at the end.

So here's how you make it:

1 bag Ghirardelli semisweet choc
1 bag Ghirardelli  60% cacao
1 tsp cayenne powder
chopped nuts of your choice

Melt chocolate carefully in microwave or double broiler.  Once melted add pepper.  The 1 tsp to me is medium spicy (my preference), you can of course add more or less and taste it as you go.  Once mixed through, pour out onto parchment paper on a cookie sheet.  You want to let it be thick.  Then sprinkle on your nuts.  My fav is coarsely chopped almonds (above pic is sliced almonds as that is what I had on hand when I made this batch.)  Set chocolate in fridge til hard.  Break into pieces.  This makes a lot, but keeps a few weeks in the fridge.  If you want a smaller amount, just half all the ingredients.

My sweetheart likes super bittersweet chocolate and can't have much sugar so I'm making him a batch of super spicy with 100% cacao and 60% cacao blend.  :)


btw, with the above recipe, all 4 of my children even love it.  they just keep a glass of water on hand.  lol

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