Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A gift and an Easter Bunny

Did some sewing and crafting over spring break.  Namely for gifts or others.  
Will be sharing the next few days while I'm finishing up a big project (for moi).  :)

First up is a gift that Maressa took to a friend's birthday party (also 3 yrs).  Even though I was planning to make the whole gift, I did end up getting a store bought gift.  It was something that M got for her bday that she just loved.  It's this Leap Frog Text & Learn.  Yeah it's electronic, but it fits nicely in my tote and entertains her in the car and shopping and it's educational.  She loves the little dog on it and it cracks her up often and it's totally age appropriate with the games and teaching the alphabet.

Anyway, I had to make something.  So when I saw this tutorial I just knew with Easter approaching it had to top her wrapped gift.  Our particular friend has lots of food allergies, so this felt bunny was the closest thing she would get to a chocolate bunny.  It was so easy to whip up and I just love how it looks.  I have some more chocolate and white chocolate ones cut out too ready to sew up and put in a few baskets.  Only thing I changed is I didn't bother with the leg piece.

Also, instead of buying a card I went to this free printable art site and printed a small version of one of the art and used it for the card.  I let Maressa color on the inside.  :)

But speaking of precious Easter handmade gifts, check out these tutorials:
Adorable bunny finger puppets
Fun felt egg design book (kids can design all kinds of things with egg shapes and loose felt pieces)
and of course my bunny alphabet coloring book
these candy jars on Martha Stewart would make fun teacher gifts

Now I'm brainstorming ideas to make for party favors for Micah's upcoming preschool Easter party.   I've got little peat pots, but haven't quite figured out what to put in them (definitely NOT candy as they will have more than they can eat between egg hunts and other party favors I'm sure!)

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Dena said...

Cute Easter bunny and I love the bright colors of your gift wrap and card.

You could have the kids plant wildflowers in their peat pot.


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