Monday, March 22, 2010

Our Spring Break

Ok, I do have some crafting I did to share with you all, but first I'm going to share pics from our laid back spring break.  This is mostly for the grandma's and family that occasionally take a peek at my little blog. ;)
(Hi Mom, Hi Sis!)    

First we took my IL's to the Tennessee Aquarium.  This was the kids second trip, but I think only one remembered having gone.

Checking out some funky looking sting rays and a shark-eel type thing.

Then they pet a possum.  They are almost cute with all nice and clean and fluffy...not like the ones we find in our yard or on the side of the road..ick!

Loved the penguins!

And they even 'pet' some sturgeon.  Fun times!

Then at the end of the week it actually felt like spring.  We spent 2 days straight at the park.  

Husband took Friday off to play with us (and of course coincidentally Clemson's tournament game was on that which time we promptly packed up our park gear and went home).
We had a 'fancy' picnic where I made brownies and deviled eggs!

My boys playing some bball with the neighbor boys.

I swear this one must have pedaled a few miles that day!!  She rode and rode and rode around the park only taking a break to swing a little.  

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Crystal said...

They are all so tall!! Hope to see them and you two soon!


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