Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In the Kitchen~Part II: Organizing the Kid Friendly Way

In my post yesterday about my kitchen I mentioned how I keep this shelf for the kids use.  Here they find snacks and snack dishes.  This is also where they stash their lunch boxes.  Everyday they are supposed to take their lunch box out of their bags.  Then take everything out and put their water bottles in the fridge.  Then put them away here.  Miracle of miracles for some reason they, who even with infinite amounts of nagging about leaving their dirty undies in the middle of their bedroom floors, seem to do this simple task with out problem.  :)

Another kid spot is this really large pull out drawer.  Bottom one under the oven.  It's all theirs.  Sectioned dinner plates and cups are color coded by kid.  SO nice to not have that battle over so-n-so got the blue one today, but I wanted it.  Plus I always know the culprit who left their milk out.  ;)  Also smaller lunch and breakfast plates.  And because all this stuff is here in reach of even smallest child, any one of them can help with setting the table for all meals.  Maressa especially seems to like to help out.

My kids also all rise at an inhuman hour every. single. day.  Yeah 6 am.  No matter if Daddy let them stay up to watch the Olympics 30-45 mins after bedtime every day for 2 weeks.  Yep.  Early risers is what I have.  Soooo guess what, I let them make their own breakfast (I don't get up at 6 am!!).  They make their own bowls of cereal and make one for little Maressa too.  I leave yogurts in the fridge as well.  So in their drawer are also a bunch of cereal bowls with the straws...nice so that they don't waste our precious organic milk!

In the silverware drawer are bunches of kid and toddler sized forks and spoons.  And plastic knives they use to spread cream cheese on mini bagels....something else they make themselves if we have them in the pantry.  However I just found out that Kroger has stopped carrying them :(   They would just spread on the strawberry cream cheese on un-toasted bagels.

In our pantry is the cereal shelf...we really should buy stock in Cheerios.  Some granola for their yogurt. And a bin of their afternoon snacks...granola bars and fruit bars (speaking of I really need to make some homemade granola bars!!  I get lazy sometimes).  All in reach of the kids.

And of course their is Mommy's quick 1 point (WW) sweet snack box as well.  ;)

It's been so nice to have everything handy for the kids.  They know the 'kitchen' and 'eating rules' (yes I'm that kind of mom) and are able to help themselves within my set rules.  ;)  And when they have friends over, I expect that they are to play host/hostess to them.  Snack time comes and they get their friends snacks and water too.  :)


pink and green mama MaryLea said...

I just implemented the get your own dishes/cups/bowls drawer (in the pull out drawer under our oven!) last month and it's been really nice.

I still need to make a snack center and a start your own breakfast center.

Question: Do you put milk in a smaller container in the fridge or can they handle the gallon? I'm asking because our organic milk comes in a half gallon and while my 7 year old can handle it when it's half empty it's a struggle for her if it's full. I'm on the hunt for a small pitcher I could have on the fridge shelf for "serve yourself" milk. : )

Deanna said...

Our milk comes in half gallon cardboard boxes with the little circle hole in the top. I know the oldest 2 (8yr and 6yrs) can handle it even full, and I think the 4 yr old is getting the hang of it too so I haven't put it in a different container. If that was a problem I would probably make milk cups and leave in the fridge for them to pour in their morning cereal. Mine are so impatient that they have even figured out out to pull out the little plastic plug if I forgot to open a new one for them. lol

Us Simple Girls said...

These are GREAT tips... my girls are a little young for some of them but I can totally see it happening as they get older... and modifying some of the others to fit them right now. Yay!

I love the attractive, easy set up of all this. And yay, too, for you not having to get up at 6 am! :)


Laney said...

I've been trying to do this same thing. Great tips! Thanks. (Coming from Tip Junkie)

Tami N said...

Love this post about organization!!

I'm not sure what brand of mini bagels you were getting but I buy the mini whole grain Sara Lee ones at Walmart Supercenter for $1.88 a bag. They come in blueberry, cinnamon and wheat...all contain some whole grain! My girls love them!

Deanna said...

Thanks Tami! I'm not usually at Walmart. I can get plain and whole wheat ones at Target when they are not out. Next time I'm at Walmart I'll have to stock up!

. said...

Deanna, you're so organised it brings me out in a cold sweat! LOL.

I am totally coveting your kitchen too. I wish mine were that big! (and that tidy!)



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