Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kids Personalized Bath Towels and the Monkeys

Yesterday I finally finished personalizing some towels for the kids bathroom.  I'd had the towels to match our new shower curtain for some time.  I don't know about you guys, but we used to have a fabric shower curtain and my kids thought it was their personal giant hand towel.  It drove me crazy to see it with spots of toothpaste and grime where it was used to wipe mouths and hands (and it was was white).  To alleviate that problem, I found this bright striped vinyl one (at Target) that coordinated with the monkeys I painted a couple of years ago.  And I hung coordinating hand towels for them to each have their own to wipe hands and mouths.  Going to hang a guest one on the side wall out of their reach.  ;)

 This bathroom still needs some bit more paint in places and for my hubby to get better (he's now got the stomach thing) so he can hang my new pendant lights and I'll reveal the whole bathroom redo.

I simply ironed on fabric letters using Wonderunder Lite and used a blanket stitch to sew them down.

Then I added this tab I sewed on securely in the middle of the towel for them to hang their towels with.

Here are some pics of the monkeys.  I posted these pics in a long drawn out post I did 2 years ago.  There is one monkey for each of them.  Z is red, Micah with a banana (SO him), K with a pink tutu tutu and bow and of course Maressa in purple.  I free hand drew the pics and painted on with big tubes of acrylic crafting paint. If you are interested in painting your own monkeys, I can show a step by step simple way to draw/paint them.  :)


denise said...

Will the guest towel have a big G on it? That curtain really jazzes up the place. I like it.

Deanna said...

lol Denise! It took me a few mins to figure out what the 'G' could be for.

kim said...

I remember those monkeys--I loved them and they inspired me to do something fun on the kids' bedroom wall. their bathroom is still boring though. I need to do something in there--I'm loving your colors and the towels.

Emily said...

Oh those towels are so cute! Good idea.


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