Monday, April 19, 2010

We've been playing


Gotta love 8 yr old boys...he likes to paint 'dirt' and 'garbage' pictures.  He even made a garbage dyed egg (he put the egg in all the colors til he was satisfied it looked like garbage.)

Chalk art...Micah did this all by himself.

Jeep fun

Playing with Alex the gecko

Gravel at the ball park



More baseball

Picnic and feeding ducks at the park

With friends after church

Now that spring is truly here, it's so hard to stay inside and work on projects, so they are slow going.  But oh so many on the to do list!!

Working on in these few weeks:
*2 long cushions for a picnic table...moving slow on these, but cool fabric and lots of piping and velcro straps, they will be worth it!  ;)
*bicycle basket
*few skirts and capris for the girls
*Mother's Day gifts...haven't nailed down my ideas yet
*teachers gifts
*big batch of rainbow glitter playdough for preschool party favors
*helping K make a cutsie pencil pouch for bday gift
*painting kids bath
*painting hallway
*second coat of glossy white on giant moulding in dining room and playroom (I'm not a huge fan of over the top moulding!!  and having to paint it is one big reason why!!!!)  They have only had one coat for a year now, but hosting a baby shower in my home really gets me moving on these type things!!  ;)
*working on baby shower decorations and some applique onsies for gifts
*ruffle hiney onsies to send to sister whose baby is now 3 months old and I STILL haven't sent her my gift!   I'm such a slacker!  ~sorry Steph! xo

So you see, if I am scarce around here now you know why.  Course as I get this stuff done, I'll have something to post about!  ;)

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