Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello Kitty Fans

Target Dollar section alert.  ;)  They have Hello Kitty overload right now.  Littlest Miss is a huge fan.  Not to mention all the stamps, cutsie notebooks and gel pens are totally up the girls alley.  So, I indulged and for under $8 a piece I got both the girls what we call our 'busy bags'.  The girls both got the bag and I filled it up with the tiny notebooks, pens and whatnot.  We took it to a game last night and it kept them both happy and busy for the majority of the time.  Now they are put away til the game tonight.  They are only allowed them for brother's baseball games and I will allow them to take them to church.  I also kept a few things back to add for our drive down to the oil pit beach in a few weeks.  :)

I also found Micah, whose games are done and not super happy about having to go to big brother's games to watch, some goodies too.


Christy Killoran said...

Fantastic! I have to make a trip to Target tonight!

kim said...

I may have to stop by--we need some more busy type things.

denise said...

I have to say that there is only so much popcorn to distract the younger siblings with at a ballgame. Good job!


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