Monday, May 24, 2010

Snail Mail

Zachary is into writing letters.  He has written a few to his cousins after they talked about how to write letters  in school last fall.  So I thought I would make him his own little address book and letter supplies.  For his address book I just printed the names and addresses of relatives and some of his close friends onto white cardstock.  I put them together alphabetically and stapled them along the edge.  I then used colored electrical tape to make like a binding.  I found the Snoopy stamp at Hobby Lobby.  I gave this to him along with the stamp (to decorate his envelopes) and a handful of  envelopes and a lined paper pad.  He wrote his friend a letter the other day telling him about playing his last baseball game in the pouring down rain and how he really enjoys spying with said friend at school (this is the game they play when they have free play during P.E.)

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djjdjdjdjd said...

What a cute idea! Teaching E how to read right now. He's doing so good!


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