Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Speedway play table

Inspired by Micah's upcoming race car party I decided to turn our train table into a race track.  This table we found several years ago at a garage sale for the awesome bargain of $2.50.  The boards on top had a land and water scene.  No, I did not paint on top, but simply flipped them to the plain wood back.

And in the evenings I have been painting this race track.  I drew the track in pencil then used acrylic craft paints to paint it all on.  The kids have been playing on it ever since.  I plan to touch up the black paint today and then seal it all with clear acrylic spray.  The kids love it and Micah has been telling me how awesome it is.  lol  I plan to move it to the deck during his party this Saturday and a basket of cars for free play.  :)

And if they ever get the urge to play Thomas again, we just simply have to flip the boards.  :)

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