Monday, July 12, 2010

A five minute dresser facelift

Changing the look and feel of furniture can be as simple as changing out the hardware.  My old childhood dresser got moved into the girl's room sometime earlier this year.  I was not crazy about the old metal handles and knobs (ignore the fact in this before pic I already replaced the knobs) I put on 13 years ago when I moved into my first apartment.  It originally had floppy metal handles with a floral metal plate.

It does need a new paint job, but for now just changing out the hardware makes it fit much better in the girls' room.  Speaking of, I kinda have updated their room yet again.  To be honest the shabby chic and bland colors was just not working for me.  It was really pretty, but I just need lots of color...and I think the girls like more colors as well.  Not to mention that Maressa needed a quilt and I could no longer get the one like her sisters, so kinda gave me an excuse to get them both fun new (inexpensive Target) quilts.  I put hot pink sheets on Maressa's bed one day when cleaning her other ones and she was beside herself excited and kept thanking me over and

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Crystal Corona said...

well now you have to show the colorful room!


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