Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wonderful Watercolors

I decided on a whim to make the dining/kids craft/play kitchen room wall into a little art gallery.  We made some water color pictures together a month back and I had been waiting to frame and hang them.  Then Kalla took a couple of art classes at our local art museum.  They did water color animals.

These are the water colors the kids did at home.  Inspired by these.   And if you are looking for more awesome water color/art/painting projects to do with your kids, this is a fantastic blog to check out!  I definitely want to do some of them with my kids.

Here is a water color where they studied realism in Kalla's art class.  They used pictures of real dogs to paint.

Then they did some abstract cats   
The instructor had different shapes of the parts of the cats body they were to draw and paint abstractly.

And another abstract painting of a bird.  Kinda hard to see this one, but the yellow part in the top left hand corner is the beak.  Then you can see the feathers and eye drawn in.

I love all the color in my dining room now!  :)

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