Friday, September 24, 2010

Make a nerf dart holder belt

I am making up about 17 of these nerf dart holder belts for Zachary's party tomorrow. 
 Sweaty kindergartener posing for me here.  :)  Thought I'd put up this little tutorial to make them.  I think for the school age male crowd, this would make a great gift paired with a nerf gun and extra darts.

Here's how to make your own:
I used camoflauge twill fabric.  For the 17, I bought a yard and half and it was plenty.  So to make one, but out a 6"X14.5" rectangle.

Because of my need for quick andsimple, I used pinking shears to cut the long edges.  You can serge them if you want to get fancier.

Here is where my directions will stray from the pics.  Love when you found out to do something better when you are all done.  ;)  So at this point I would recommend hemming just one end of the pouch.
On the hemmed edge sew a small square of velcro on the right side of the fabric.

With right sides together fold up the hemmed edge leaving about 2-2 inches at the top.  Sew sides.
Now turn right side out.  Press down side of flap edges and sew down.  Afer the sides are sewn, now you want to hem down the top of the flap.  Now line up the other side of the velcro square and sew down.

Now for the belt part.  You want to cut about 35" of webbing.  This will fit both my 5 yr old and 9 yr old.  Thread on d-rings and sew down.  Fold over and sew down the other end as well.  I used a zigzag stitch to prevent significant fraying.  You can use fray check on the edges as well.

Now place and pin your pouch on the belt.  Placement is not real significant as the belt canbe pulled around once one.  You want to sew it down on the insed of the pouch just under where the flap comes down.  I gently pulled aside the front of the pouch to secure stitches along both right and left sides.  Above I'm sewing a stitch from toop to bottom of the width of the belt on the right inside of the pouch.

Now it is secured to your belt and ready to wear
Fill with darts and they are ready to go!


Krista said...

My son would love this! I love your posts - they are very practical because what little boy doesn't need this!

Deanna said...

Thanks Krista! All the big and little boys enjoyed the belts. :)

Farberfamily said...

do you think these pouches could be done w/o sewing? I don't have a sewing machine... We're planning a nerf war b-day soon.

Deanna said...

You could maybe try fabric glue? Or the iron on hem tape? And they would probably work ok without the flap so you wouldn't have to deal with the velcro. :)

Unknown said...

My sons Nerf birthday party will be in Sept. Any chance you would make these for me? They're great! If so, how much would you charge?

Deanna said...

Thanks for your comment. I'm afraid at this time I can't take on any projects like that. School starting up, sports starting up, etc, you know how it goes... :)
If you have basic sewing skills, I'm sure you could tackle it, or possibly do a make shift one with glue gun or ironing tape. good luck!

Unknown said...

Completely understand. Thought I'd at least ask. ;o) Thanks!


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