Thursday, September 23, 2010

The next big bash

What to do for big boy birthday parties??  It's getting harder to come up with any kind of theme.  We did a very fun and highly rated by the boy, flag football party last year.  There he got his first and only nerf dart gun. This year when brainstorming ideas we thought of having a nerf dart gun sort of party.  Most boys this age have one.  And like shooting each other with them.  So to the park we go loaded with lots of darts (bought used on eBay), safety glasses, extra guns (also purchased used on eBay) to have a load of boy fun.

I have some organized games planned involving shooting targets.  Then of course there will be free for all.  
More details to come next week!  ;)

Tomorrow a tutorial to make a dart holder belt.  :)

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