Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Variety of Homemade Granola Bars

A few weeks back I was making these healthy homemade granola bars for a women's function at my church. I decided to make 3 different varieties.

Using the original recipe I added chocolate and peanut butter chips to one batch (you can get a mixed bag in the baking section of the grocery store).  I then melted some down and drizzled the chocolatey peanut butter goodness on top.

Another batch was made with one of my favorite combos was white chocolate chip and craisins.  I cannot for the life of me melt down white chocolate chips properly, so I just used white bark to drizzle on top.

And these are the kids favorite....butterscotch chips mixed in.  Again the butterscotch chips would not melt down properly either so they look plain on top.  :)


Kim of Mo Betta said...

Thanks for this post. I have just started making my own granola, so i can't wait to try these! I think the older kids will love the chocolate/peanut butter. Toffee sounds good to me!!

Tracy said...

I made this recipe.. My bars were very crunchy? Are your bars chewy or crunchy? What can I do to make the chewy?

Deanna said...

These bars are not chewy in the boxed kind of chewy, however shouldn't be crunchy. Mine come out as a dense chewy if I make them right. In my experience they are only really crunchy if I over bake them. So try baking them for a shorter amount.


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