Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some slightly spooky ghosts and a not so haunted house

I don't know if you've noticed over the years that this time of year usually my blog s lacking halloween type decorations and crafts (except these batty favors).  Not that I have anything against it all, I'm generally not into it for decorations and  I don't go out of my way to craft it either.  I haven't in a long time even made cute little halloween type cutsie food.  Raason for that being is that the preschool my kids go to don't have 'Halloween' parties and they ban anything related at the fall parties (this used to mean ghosts and witches, but this years note included bats, spiders and black cats).  I really don't care either way.  ;)

As my kids get older they wanna know why we don't decorate for Halloween like half the houses on our street (it's gotten so that you can drive at night in your car looking at scary decorations as one would go looking at Christmas lights).  My compromise is they could decorate a room in our house how they wanted if they made the decorations (I'm not spending money on it).  So they all asked if they could make our 'front room' (a room reserved for hard playing, ball throwing and wrestling and that my biggest boy, aka hubby, has banned most all furniture from) a haunted house.

So it is so.  And because I'm really not all humbug about it, I helped the kids make some fun ghosts.
I took a $5 twin sheet from Target (I already had) and tore it into 4 pieces.

Gathering it up as it would be once hung, I figured out where they should put the faces and I blocked off the area with tape.

With fabric markers and fabric crayons (you could use really anything since they won't need to be washed), they made their own ghost faces.  They all agreed they wanted them 'scary'!

With Maressa, who is only 3, I drew a face as directed by her and let her color it.  She then added a nose and eyebrows of her own.

Once they were done I blew up 4 white balloons and placed the fabric over them, gathering and tying under the balloon.  At this point I applied some glow in the dark acrylic paint, but it didn't show real well.

I poked holes through the top of the fabric (careful to not poke the balloon) and strung through fishing line.  I then used small flat tacks to attach them to my ceiling.

Here are some of their own decorations they made as well.  I used small rolled pieces of tape to attach to the walls.

I also contributed my old ceramic jack-o-lantern and some fun votives and battery operated candles.  Oh and another big hit was I got a strobe light from the Target dollar spot that they turn on at night.  Warning if you get that same light...it goes through batteries really, really fast.  Funny thing is once it is on they are more fascinated by putting on hand puppet shows than anything spooky related.  lol

And another first, I promised we would actually cut into their pumpkins they got from the farm this last weekend and make jack-o-lanterns.

Maybe we'll even have some friends over for a little Halloween party this year.  Maybe.  :)

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