Monday, October 11, 2010

The verdict is not out yet...

After our mini vacation on fall break, I came home and decided to move things around in my living room.
Here is what it looked like before, plus the white coffee table by the sectional.  I've tried moving the furniture around before to no avail.  This is a hard space.  It's long and skinny and the wall by the kitchen side is short and the other wall is divided up by large windows and the center does not match across the other wall.
Not to mention it's the first space your eye goes to when you enter my house.

Now if I had a couple of G's I would have no problem furnishing this space.  I'd really like to have a big sectional and a couple of upholstered chairs and a cabinet or 2.  I saw some perfect chairs once driving by a garage sale and I really wish I had stopped.  I'd like to replace the wicker chairs (I bought YEARS ago at Pier 1) with some streamline upholstered chairs that I could cover in a fun fabric.

Need to freshen up the pictures for outdated!

What will really help is a big rug.  Again with the cash....
This arrangement definitely fills out the space better. 
 Just wish the room was a bit wider so I could push the sofas closer to the coffee table away from the walls.

So speaking of decorating, I have gone really minimal with the fall stuff this year.  Couple of little pumpkins here and there....

A funky looking gourd.

Fake giant flowers adding fall colors.  :)

Again with the tiny pumpkins in the dining room.  

Is it wrong that I'm thinking of spray painting my fall berry wreath to a turquoise color to hang in the dining room?  lol

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