Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Rewind

Before I could properly move on to new things, I felt the need to document the last month or so.  It kinda happened in a big blur.  But we managed to get most things done that we wanted.
Christmas parade-check--where I also got a proper Christmas card pic (see top photo of next collage).
Little kids' school Christmas program
School Christmas parties with crafts and party favors-check
Teacher gifts-check
Trim the tree and make new ornaments-check
Make cookies for neighbors-check
Three separate opening gift sessions-check
Kids' church Christmas program-check--the 3 oldest participated and Z had a speaking part
11 hour trip to Grandma's for big snow and Christmas-check

After an actually easy drive up to Iowa, we came to the land of real snow.  
The likes that my little Alabamian kids have never seen.  A foot of snow glory all over.
There they wore their first snow boots, ate their first snow cream and went sledding every day in Daddy's old sleds.  They were in heaven.  At dinner one night 9 year old Zachary exclaimed, "I had to wait 9 whole years for this!"
Course, we have put those snow boots and snow pants to good use again now with our big Alabama blizzard as seen in my previous post.

Then the day after Christmas, Zachary went to his very first Bears game with his grandpa and dad. 
Really really cold with lake effect snow.  He still was in heaven.

Tomorrow:  fuzzy wuzzy scarf tutorial.

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