Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Long time no blog!  :)  Sorry about that!  But thanks for letting me catch my breath.  Cause that's kinda what I was doing.  Life got a little tricky the closer to Christmas we got.  But more on that later.

Kids went back to school last Tuesday.  Everyday I kept saying, today I will blog.  But then I didn't.  I played, or went to Target, or caught up laundry, or just general laziness.

So then I said the next week, I'll really make an effort to get back to the blog.  After all I do have some tutorials, some sewing and crafts to share.  But then the southern blizzard came.  In our yard, we got 5-6" but some areas got up to 10".  That's huge for us in Alabama!  My neighbor said he hadn't seen this much snow in the 26 years he's lived here.  So today is day #3 of being out of school.  And in my true form, I make everything an event.  So I've had neighbors over for chili, made lots of snow cream and hot chocolate and hosted  a movie event for neighbor kids with snow cream and lots and lots of popcorn.  I have also spent significant time outside with the kids building multiple snowmen and snow forts.  We've had the time of our lives.

But today I've suited up the kids, sent them outside and I'm catching up on laundry.  Sneaking a little coffee 'break' and trying to post with littlest  Miss Chatterbox here beside me.  :)

More to come.....

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