Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A favorite meal

Well, I didn't intend to leave this week hanging over here.  I am at my sister's house 6.5 hours away from my home this week.  She had a very big surgery on Monday and I'm here taking care of the kids for the first week (she will be in the hospital at least 2).

So in planning to keep blogging from here,  I brought lots of fun crafts, pictures from home on my camera and planned to take pics of her house and do a post gushing about the wonderful artist my sister is.  Her home is like a mini art gallery.  However, I can't the wireless to work and use my netbook for downloading my pics.

So after many tries to get the wireless security code for my computer, I decided to just talk about some food that I already had pics uploaded to my photobucket.

It's a simple dinner, but definitely a favorite.  Teriyaki chicken kabobs.

Making them is ridiculously easy.  I cut up chicken breasts to pieces and do the same with red and green peppers, onion (though didn't have one on this occasion) and fresh pineapple.  mmmm hmmmm

Soak all veggies and meat and pineapple in teriyaki sauce.  My fav is LaChoy.  I also pour a little pineapple juice in if I have it.  You can soak in the fridge overnight or the day you make it.  Load up your skewers with all the yummies.  I usually grill these, but I think on this day it was rainy and really cold.  So I just broiled them instead.  I broil/grill them total 15-20 mins turning a few times.  I like to use a meat thermometer to be sure they are done (I've given myself food poisoning before and that is so NOT fun.)

I serve with a side of yummy sticky white rice (am I weird that I like my rice to be sticky?)

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Unknown said...

sounds easy and yummy! (perfect combo) i need to try this soon!


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