Thursday, July 14, 2011

A six year old birthday--Batman style

So two weeks ago my third born child turned six!
And we partied like super heros.  :)
Micah can't get enough Batman in his life.  So being a good mommy, I supplied him with one super Batman party (though I'm not a big fan of character parties...though I admit Batman is pretty cool).

We were lucky that it was before our area hit the 3-digit temps and we had an evening party in the backyard.
Here are some serious crime fighting caped crusaders!
I couldn't convince Micah to just wear his Batman tee (that I made him specially for this occasion) and cape and mask.  He insisted on his 'official' costume.  Swore he was not too hot.
When the party guests showed up they got their own super gear.
Masks I made with foam sheets and black elastic.
Batman stickers to wear on their shirts I made on the computer and printed on full sticker sheets.
And the Batman cape.  I used M's costume cape as a pattern.  They were really easy as I got lightweight stretchy poly that doesn't fray (I don't know what it is actually called, but I found it in the costume section of Hancocks).  All I had to do was cut them out, hem around the collar and add velcro.
Mini batarangs were purchased from Party City.
Ok, so this look kinda lame, but with the conditions, best I could muster.
The Gotham city was made with black plastic disposable table cloth.
I printed villians I found on the internet and they used them for target practice for their batarangs.
They actually seemed to really like throwing them at all the bad guys.
Had a table for 'crafts' if you wanna call it that. 
I used my publisher program to make blank comic sheets for them to make their own comic super hero story.
Also, I got some vintage Batman comics on Amazon to have silly putty play.
Remember when you would press the silly putty on a comic then strech out the image and it seemed like great fun?  ;)
Still fun, but today's comics are made with slick magazine paper.  It doesn't work.
So you have to have either funny papers or old comics that are printed like the newpaper funnies.
And I pulled out the old train table and Micah's massive collection of Imaginext Batman toys.
He got Green Lantern's planet for this bday.
We served Micah's fav food, corndogs, and some healthy stuff to balance that out.  ;)
I made a little cupcake tower with black wrapping paper and shoe boxes.
More on the chocolate Bat symbols on the cupcakes on later post.
I printed the bat on the computer and used as a template to cut shapes in the plastic table cloths.
Got all the fun Batman party stuff at Party City. Batman figure candle on Amazon.
Party favors.
Yo-yos and crayons collected over time at Target dollar spot.
Printed up coloring pages from computer.
I used this idea/template as a base for making Batman pops.
Little blue favor bags from Target dollar spot and I stamped them with the Bat symbol with yellow acrylic paint...more on that in next post also.  :)
To see our custom made invitations, click here.

Next week:  Kalla's Birthday Garden Brunch...with gnomes and fairies.
And I have some sewing tutorials:  over night tote, reusable/eco friendly ziplock baggie, and more.
Stay tuned!
For now we are headed to camp (the oldest 3 and myself) for the next 4 days....can't wait!


denise said...

I think Gotham City looked great. You put the rest of us moms to shame in the b-day party dept. Maybe Martha Stewart should take lessons from you.

HelenG said...
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HelenG said...

yay your back!!! Hope you are having a great summer! What a great looking party! I can't wait for the Garden party post!

zakkalife said...

Your Batman party looks awesome! And I love that you changed the superhero lollipop templates into the caped crusader.

Liz said...

Oh how fun! Looks like an amazing party. I love the print your own sticker idea - brilliant!

djjdjdjdjd said...

How fun! You did a great job! Loved the lollipops...may have to borrow some of your ideas for E's party:o)

Jenny said...

I'm one of your newest followers! I enjoyed reading through several of your craft tutorials and are going to make some of them today! THANKS!

What a great batman party! My 5 year old is REALLY into batman too. He won't be six until December, but I'm going to jot down several of your ideas for then!!!

Deanna said...

Hi Jenny! Glad to have you! Took a peek at your blog and you have a beautiful family. :) Thanks for your comment!

D.I.M. Incorporated said...

Your parties are always great! And as always, you did not disappoint! What a fun party!


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