Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Remember me??

Why hello there!  There I go again dropping off the face of the earth.
 It's been a busy but wonderful summer. 
Spending time with the kiddos, running here and there. 

Now we are spending our last, treasured week of summer break at the beach.
I actually brought my external hard drive that houses my photos to finally catch up my posts during our quiet/rest time.  But I guess the sun and surf has been a big energy sucker and I've taken a lil nap, then it's time to take the kids back down for more beachy goodness.  We only do this once a year...for 7 glorious days on the gulf.
Have I ever told you my third born child is a natural born boogey-er?  lol  He is always bustin' a move.
This is Maressa's "daddy shell, mommy shell and 2 baby shells."
Anyhoo, I hope to catch up my latest bday celebration stuff this week (some Batman details and Kalla's garden brunch shabang).

Also, I finally jumped on the Pinterest band wagon.  Slowly makin' my boards, etc.
I'll add a button/link to my sidebar when I figure out how, if you care to follow my boards.  :)

1 comment:

denise said...

Scott is on his way to do a wedding at Seagrove Beach. Are you close?


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