Friday, August 12, 2011

Birthday Cheesecake

Yesterday, I made this incredible cheesecake.
Several steps involved, but straighforward.
TOTALLY worth the effort.
I strongly encourage those who love white chocolate raspberry cheesecake to try it.  :)
Hubby was very impressed.

As tradition holds I print this banner off the computer.
Then the kids color it.

This year we got extra festive and hung balloons and streamers. 
I let Z man stand on a chair and tape them up while the other kids handled the tape and handed them up to him.

It was a lovely little family party.
Completely the way hubby prefers it.  ;)

Oh and the gifts. 
A new picture to take to the office (let Zachary pick one out from the pictures from the beach).
And some really spicy, dark dark chocolate (which the girls have been trying to get him to share generously with them).

I think he had a good day.

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