Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Easy globe ornament

We made these fun ornaments in a couple of the kids holiday parties at school.
I was inspired by this one on Parents.com, and changed it up a tiny bit.

I used small paper plates and clear punch cups.
I traced the cups on the plates and cut out the circles.
Then used glue dots or hot glue to adhere the miniatures to the plate.
You can use any tiny miniatures.
I had these trees on hand and tiny reindeer and ballerinas I had used once on cupcakes.
I even used some snowman cupcake picks and just broke off the pick part.
After the miniatures are secure, we used craft glue around the edge of the plate.
Using a sharp needle, I threaded bakers twine in the top of the plastic cup.
Then I placed a small handful of plastic fake snow in the cups.
Then I placed the plate with glue on top of the cup.
Let the glue set.
Then turn it right side up.
If you want to add a pipe cleaner trim, put glue around the outside edge of the cup.
Regular pipe cleaners are just the right size.
Put ends together and over lap just a tiny bit and twist together forming a circle.
Place circle over the cup and push to the bottom onto the glue.
The most fun is you can shake it and the loose snow moves around.
Maressa's 4 yr old class and Micah's first grade class loved making these!

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